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COMMUNITY JAM led by Susan Reid, Gretta Stone and Jacob Stone (and others)

First Thursday of each month, 6:15 - 8:00 pm, drop-in, $5 donation/session

Montpelier Senior Activities Center, 58 Barre St., Montpelier

Contact Bob Barrett at barrettsvt to be on the jam mailing list.

The Community Jam is an opportunity for acoustic musicians at all skill levels to come together, learn new tunes, learn jamming skills, practice learning tunes by ear, connect with others in the rich music community in Montpelier, and have a fun evening.  At each jam there will be a short instructional segment at the beginning, to welcome and encourage new attendees.


We welcome fiddles, mandolins, acoustic guitars, banjos, accordions, concertinas, dulcimers, harmonicas, pennywhistles, recorders, ukuleles, and bass.  (No amplification except for bass guitars.)


We will be playing a wide variety of tunes:  Celtic, old-time, contra dance and square dance tunes, bluegrass, and whatever else participants bring to the jam.  


We welcome players at every skill level; if you know a few chords on your instrument you will be able to participate and grow your musicianship.  Playing with others is an essential path to becoming an accomplished musician, and even the most passive participation in a jam can be a wonderful growth experience.


This is a drop-in event; no registration needed.  We request a donation of $5 per session to support both the Summit School and the Senior Activities Center.

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